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Teramotion Services

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Our Process



We brainstorm around ideas, then filter what we feel presents the best potential to achieve your targets.





We then start with scriptwriting, create some visual concepts and give ideas on music themes.





We then start our video shooting structure with various angles keeping in mind international standards and trends.





We edit the footage with consultation and prepare drafts for review.



Our Services

Video Production

Video Productions & Post Productions

At Teramotion we create awesome cinematic films and creative post-production. Our team uses state of the art methods, creative editing, and dramatic color correction to inspire audiences.


Real life, some say, is more compelling than fiction. Stories told through documentaries can inspire and empower audiences to take action. Whether you want to shine light on a global issue or local festival or some other cause, we’re ready to dig deep to find the best way to tell your story. We strive to say true to your vision, intention and spirit of the subject.

Wedding Filming


The feeling you have when you are at your own wedding is an experience that’s hard to feel anywhere else. Our team will capture your special day and showcase your love story on that day so you can experience that feeling again and share it with your loved ones.

Event Coverage


Whether you’re organizing an event, conference or workshop in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia or the GCC, you need your event video team to run a slick production process, be your ultimate brand ambassadors, and be able to respond to the unexpected and meet tight deadlines without breaking a sweat.


Motion Graphics
& Animation

Motion graphics and animations are great storytelling tools that can engage the audience with great descriptive animation and amazing narrative. With our motion graphics and animation team along with our brilliant writers, we are always developing in this department and we love challenging ourselves to produce creative and captivating content. 


Color grading and color correction are two of the most under-used, and ground-breaking, instruments in the movie producer and advertiser’s tool kit. An expert colorist uses the possibility to make state of mind, make full early introductions, and sticks a brand’s message into memory. We as a colorist, have worked for a wide scope of  companies, independent filmmakers, and agencies to create the looks they have to give their accounts an upper hands and unmistakable styles. 

Audio Production & Voiceover

Audio Production
& Voiceover

We provide you professional voice over services in Arabic, English & other languages from native voiceover artists at highest quality.


Campaigns for
Social Media

Our social videos will help you amplify your campaigns, attract followers, build communities and generate leads. They’ll be tailored to work perfectly on instagram, youtube, facebook or any other platforms and, just as importantly, to truly engage your audiences.

Set Deswign

Production Management
& Set Design

Our team is experienced in pre-production and production as-well. Working along with a number of clients and projects, our team have extended knowledge to provide your project with the necessary needs to film. Whether it is location, sets, talent, props, management or any production-related needs, our team is ready for it.